With an estimated lithium deposits of 244 million tonnes

The Zacatecas State

In the Zacatecas State of Central Mexico, Futura Lithium Corp. fully owns and is developing what will be one of the largest lithium mining operations in the North American continent. The Mexico Project has a total of 21 concessions with full rights for exploration, mining and production.

In July 2022, Futura Lithium Corp. signed a supply agreement with Tesla Inc. whereas Tesla has agreed to purchase 100% of all lithium mineral produced at the Mexico project. Further negotiations have been taking place with Tesla Inc. for a funding agreement which would allow the project to accelerate development and reach the production stage.

As of July 2022 testing completed on all quadrants of the site confirmed an Indicated Mineral Resource estimated at 13.5 million tonnes, making the concession the largest so far discovered in Mexico. Production at the site is anticipated to begin in 2024. Futura Lithium Corp. estimates that the Mexico project will reach full production levels by 2029 but the timeframe could be moved forward substantially if investment negotiations with Tesla Inc. succeed.